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Nsw police trained to shoot extremists on sight

Nsw police trained to shoot extremists on sight

An Australian journalist who had to run to cover the siege has become something of a hero in Indo카지노 사이트nesia for his actions.

On Saturday, local residents in thgospelhitze resort town of Bali woke to the sound of explosions in the middle of the night.

“There was this noise — like a firecracker — and I ran outside,” said journalist John Rillington.

Police on patrol nearby opened fire after a gunman opened fire on police and locals.

“All of us ran — one by더킹카지노 one,” he said, recalling the moment. “The bullets started to fly.”

“But, like I was running, I did my best to avoid them. I had just shot and wounded one guy.”


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Rillington and his crew then fled their safe house as police surrounded them.

When local journalists tried to ask him for his address, police called the local phone provider to block them.

In a radio interview Rillington said the phone refused to connect and said “they didn’t want our number” or anything to do with the hostage situation.

“They were not calling to ask us anything.”

On Monday he released what they had taken in: an Australian passport, two passports for the two officers who responded to the first call and a laptop computer they found at the scene.

A police spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he had been in contact with one of the officers to apologise, after the exchange of phone numbers on Sunday.

“The incident is being dealt with and they are investigating whether any further action is required at this stage,” it said.

Police also said they had launched an internal investigation into whether any officers had misled them about the location of the hostages.


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