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Paul manaforts lawyer calls charges ridiculous

Paul manaforts lawyer calls charges ridiculous

After three of the four accused were arraigned Wednesday in the murder of the 16-year-old girl, the defense team, which included former sheriff’s Sgt. Michael O’Kelly, said a third had been charged with first-degree murder and five others with attempted murder. O’Kelly told jurors the man, whose name was not released, is a suspect in the murder case.

Prosecutors said that another unidentified defendant, who they described as the second man in the case, has an alibi and had gone to a medical exam and the girl’s body for testing in July 2006. They have not said whether that man is also a suspect in the case, though he is a convicted felon.

In addition, they said there are other potential witnesses.

Prosecutors also introduced a forensic doctor and an anthropologist, both trained in forensic sciences and trained in anthropology, that were questioned after a day of testimony and analysis, including in the hearing room at the Montgomery County Juvenile Courthouse.

The forensic doctor, Dr. Larry Smith, said the girl had been카지노 burned, and said her burns were consistent with burn wounds to her legs. He has testified in previous cases that it is not unusual to hear bones break apart in fire victims.

At trial, defense attorneys called that testimony unreliable because the girl was burned more than a year after the stabbing, and because the expert was testifying on his own behalf. O’Kelly asked to leave after those witnesses were not given a chance to respond.

D안마efense attorney Michael Wirt asked jurors to dismiss the charges, calling them ridiculous.

But the judge asked to take the defense’s argument to the jury, setting a trial date of April 5.

He also asked if the evidence would be presented on Wednesday, with O’Kelly and Smith in the courtroom for both the second and third man’s testimonies.

But he said it is his responsibility to make that decision. He allowed defense attorneys to cal제주출장마사지l both witnesses and to ask questions.

After the three accused were arraigned, an angry crowd gathered outside the courtroom after the hearing.

Afterward, a visibly shaken and emotionless Martin held back tears and sobbed, saying he didn’t understand how the charges would hurt the young girl’s mother.

In his opening statement, O’Kelly described the alleged slaying as “a senseless, cruel and heartless act that should have been prevented by every parent, teacher and law enforcement officer.”

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