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Cupid Date. an online novel that is visual Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cupid Date. an online novel that is visual Windows, macOS, and Linux

A online artistic novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A brief artistic novel around three and a half “love stories” featuring a homosexual alien boy known as Kale, whose matchmaking roomie Sugar is decided to simply help him find real love. However when glucose is a cupid together with very own agenda and all sorts of Kale’s possible soulmates are under a spell, can love actually be all of that real?

(There are four endings also it takes lower than an hour or so over four play-throughs them all if you want see. To ensure that you’re on course using them, or even learn about the optional content warnings for everything taking place with Cupid Date, simply click this completely spoiler-y website link !)

With many many thanks to:Adryn, for character designs and character sprites!GlassHeart, for history art and establishing design!WinterMochie, for logo design and user interface design!Green Bear musical for the sound recording!SprigganArt, for the title screen art!You, just for visiting!

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Thus I’m 2 yrs later to the, but many thanks to make this game. The art is gorgeous (glucose is adorable, Kale is adorable, many people are sweet. ) and also you managed the topics with respect and optimism.

This game made me gross sob

oh my god, THIS GAME! is loved by me!

I recently got playing that is finished it is AMAZING! I do not like to ruin certainly not We highly recommend playing this game!

I must say I liked this video game. From the thing I understand, both glucose and Kale be seemingly from the autism spectrum, that I appreciated. We noticed Kale, specially, together with trouble in interacting with attention contact/slow response time, reduced intelligence/ability than their alien household, and placing their hands over their mind as he is pleased. Continue reading Cupid Date. an online novel that is visual Windows, macOS, and Linux