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Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold of Gafsa

Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold of Gafsa

8 Apr 2012

From: Rima Naim

This is the sto바카라사이트ry of what happened in Gafsa and the people who worked on it.

After the revolution, we left Gafsa to stay at the hotel. I went to Gaffarh with the others to visit with my family. At Gafsa, there was only one Gafsari, a woman called Isla. She didn’t know that we were leaving. We didn’t know what our next steps were. Our first job wasn’t to help her but help me find work. We went to the Gaf우리카지노sari’s house, and then to the family house wh바카라ere she had gone to school. She was married to an old man. After leaving home, the gaddafis went to bed as usual. That night, my friend and I were waiting by the pool. A man came by to say hello. After hearing Isla talking to us, he asked if she had seen me. We said that we were waiting to meet Isla because her husband didn’t know where we were going. She gave him an envelope, which she had sent us as well.

As we were sitting there, a woman came out and pointed at us and told us to leave, saying, “We are your servants. We want to go with you.” She then got down from the table and walked into the family house, where I heard her name, Isla, spoken. We went to see Isla, who said to her husband, “O man! Be careful! The Gaffarhi aren’t so friendly. It will be the same as them if you meet them.” They then said to us, “You people! Are you not ashamed?” We said, “How can you talk like that? Isla doesn’t know about us and we won’t let her leave.” She started crying. We did as she said. She told us, “I’m afraid this is too much for us to do, so if you will not let us, I will walk with you,” so we did it. After I left, I took Isla and her family to the hotel. They stayed there with me for two days. When they returned home, they started saying, “It’s too late for you now, O man of Gaffar.” They didn’t know how to react.

The next morning, it was clear that it was too late for Isla. They didn’