To safeguard labourers and self employed people from The first session back comprised hitting a few ground strokes, volleys and sending down some serves at a low intensity. Divij won the 2018 Asian Games doubles gold partnering Rohan Bopanna (with whom he is also expected to pair up for the Tokyo Olympics next year) to hit the court three to four times a week and gradually build the frequency and intensity. This, despite him getting a feeling that the 2020 professional tennis season might have seen its last match..

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Sometimes you have to read a headline twice to make sure you’re seeing it right. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, in an interview with Axios reporter Amy Harder, compared banks refusing to finance oil and gas exploration in the Arctic to the long banned practice of redlining, in which mortgage lenders systematically discriminated against black communities. “I do not think banks should be redlining our oil and gas investment across the country,” Brouillette said..

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Wages doubled after Spanish flu but global poverty levels also grew by 9.7% according to an MIT study. This dichotomous economic relation was in part responsible for the Great Depression in the 1930s. To safeguard labourers and self employed people from the clutches of unemployment, Rs 5,000 crore has been announced for the most affected group, the street vendors.

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